I specialise in family cases and criminal law but also other areas are not pristine land to me.

My law firm provides legal services to corporate and individual clients. Within the range of the services are: legal advice, legal representation in court disputes (all over Poland), in this securing receivables and their enforcement.

In my law firm you can expect legal assistance in the areas as follows (but not limited to):

  • Business law (registration of companies, motions to the National Court Register, bankruptcy and liquidation, analysing and drafting business contracts, consumer bankruptcy);
  • Civil law (tort law, payment claims, confirmation of usucaption, presumption of death, cases concerning easements of different types, dissolution of co-ownership, eviction, protection of personal rights, compensation, appeal against decisions of the Social Security Institution);
  • Family law (divorce, foreign divorce, separation, maintenance, in this enforcement of maintenance from abroad, contacts with the child, parental authority, distribution of joint property assets, establishment of paternity, legal incapacitation);
  • Inheritance law (confirmation of acquisition of inheritance, disqualification from inheritance, rejection of inheritance, division of inheritance and dissolution of co-ownership);
  • Labour law (rectification of work certificate, reinstatement, working time disputes, in this working time of drivers and remuneration thereunder);
  • Criminal law, in this criminal punishment law (prison leave, postponement of penalty, electronic tagging).